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PhoneFactor is the leading global provider for phone-based two-factor authentication and has developed a simple, effective and efficient two-factor security system which ensured protection against today’s biggest threats. The latest version of PhoneFactor features a multi-factor authentication system. They also provide API’s (SDK’s) in PHP and Perl, as well as Ruby and Java, which means it is very compatible with your Linux server.

Nowadays, the two-factor authentication is no longer an option, but a must – in the case of more than 80% of businesses. The good news is that PhoneFactor is constantly upgraded in order to comply with PCI Data Security Standards and requirements, HIPAA, FFIEC Guidelines and other such industry regulations.

The latest PhoneFactor improvement is the achievement of SA70 Certification which proves the adherence to the rigorous requirements set by Statement No. 70 on Auditing Standards. For the companies and organizations that operate in a compliant environment, the compliance with SAS70 is a necessity.

In some cases, in order to maintain compliance with the industry regulations like PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) the two-factor authentication is an important ingredient for rigorous security policies. The best available solution which combines ease of use with PCI standards compliance is PhoneFactor.

PhoneFactor and PCI compliance

Whether it is the holiday season or a normal business day, the customer’s data and your Linux server must be protected against the latest threats. Due to the fact that organizations and merchants must ensure cardholder data protection and security for customers’ credit card information, the PCI compliance is an important issue.

This is why PhoneFactor is a rapid, efficient and cost-effective method to fulfil all PCI compliance requirements and standards. In addition, PhoneFactor also adds more security thus preventing unauthorized access to credit card data and information on your Linux server.

Moreover, PhoneFactor can also be for a large number of employees and at worldwide level because there are no requirements for end users certificates, not security tokens.

How does PhoneFactor work?

Simply put, PhoneFactor is a phone-based authentication service that serves as the second factor in a two-factor authentication system that allows sysadmins to administer the web and includes support for services such as VPN, Citrix, and SAP. There are two stages required by PhoneFactor authentication: first through the usual login process and secondly by providing a PIN/password (or pressing #). In this way, using the two-factor authentication model requires the user to enter a login ID and PIN/password. By means of a system phone-based like PhoneFactor, the need for using an external device to login is eliminated and also the costs incurred by the implementation of a two-factor authentication are reduced.

Besides these advantages, PhoneFactor also offers a “higher standard of security technology” which refers to fraud alerts occurred due to calls while logging in. In such situations, the user can alert IT related to fraudulent login attempts.

After downloading PhoneFactor there are 2 main possibilities:

  1. Choosing install PhoneFactor Agent within your environment
  2. Choosing to deploy a Linux compatible PhoneFactor Direct SDK

PhoneFactor advantages

Choosing PhoneFactor represents one of the best solutions available, but it is much easier to evaluate its usefulness by analysing the advantages it could bring a business:

  • Security strengthened: By means of the fraud alerts additional protection is ensured as well as other such new features that increase to overall security.
  • Cost-reducing: Using the latest PhoneFactor version there are no additional costs for IT required, which is an important for a business where the main objective is to minimize the costs and maximize the profit.
  • Ease of use: Using PhoneFactor is much more convenient as compared to other methods, and the staff training required does not take too much time or costs.
  • Deployment time frame improved: Developing a successful business also involves challenges and risks. But, by using PhoneFactor everything will run smoothly and will be easily implemented within the normal business cycle as it will be compatible with currently Linux compatible hardware and software. PhoneFactor meets all PCI compliance requirements and usually, the IT team can have it up and running in just a few hours’ time.

There are plenty other advantages guaranteed by using PhoneFactor, and depending on each business these advantages can vary.

PhoneFactor Compatibilities: Linux and Microsoft

The two-factor authentication model PhoneFactor is compatible with all servers that use RADIUS, including Microsoft IIS servers and Linux servers with PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules). The PhoneFactor includes multiserver support, Active Directory integration and enterprise modules.  And by using the SDK it can be integrated into your existing software.

These being said, PhoneFactor is an essential tool for almost all businesses, its implementation and use is flexible and its effectiveness is maximum. For ensuring cardholder data protection and security by means of PCI compliance, the PhoneFactor will satisfy all these needs.

How To Get PhoneFactor For Free

If you have 50 users of less you can sign up for a PhoneFactor account, and download the SDK right from www.PhoneFactor.com For more than 50 users contact them for pricing.

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